The Heterotopic Planetarium

The Heterotopic Planetarium is less concerned with distant galaxies and rather more focused on terrestrial constellations – the (un)real and the (im)possible.

Looking at the world from a distance, as if through a telescope, shifts perspectives, changes scale, the gaze widens, and new entanglements emerge. The great unknown becomes playground for imagination.

Five artists conjure five extremely different heterotopias – spaces that are other: afrofuturistic, anthropocene, decolonial, dystopian, taciturn, loud, speculative, sober. No ready-made stories but spaces that already are, yet to come or that could be. Spaces that seek to question and to rewrite our understanding of cause and chronology, the boundaries that separate us from the outside and the other and what it means to be human today.

During the season opening of telling stories, the Heterotopic Planetarium offered a place to lean back and immerse oneself in other worlds.

The installation was part of the season opening telling stories at Kaserne Basel in September 2019.


Rohini Devasher (India) – Arboreal (2011) – 16 minutes

Cauleen Smith (US) – Crow Requiem (2015) – 11 minutes

Kongo Astronauts (DRC) – Postcolonial Dilemna Track #4 Remix (2019) – 14 minutes

Tabita Rezaire (France/ Guyana) – Seneb (2016) – 7 minutes

Anne-Julie Raccoursier (CH) – Happy Hour (2013) (excerpt) – 3 minutes